Shipping Rates & Policies

Our 2023 Shipping Policies & Rates

Shipping typically takes up to 3 to 5 business days to arrive. Note: All packages require a signature.

All discounted and sales through Got Vape exclude all Storz & Bickel and Puffco products and items.

New PACT Act Regulation Rules:

Due to changes in the PACT (Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking) Act in December 2021, certain Vaporizers have been classified as Tobacco Products regardless of their intended use. This limits the Shipping Carriers that we can use for items affected by the PACT Act, as major National Carriers refuse to ship any kind of Tobacco Product.

The types of items affected by this Legislation are eLiquid Vaporizers, Coils and Ejuice. All other types of items are not affected by the PACT Act, therefore standard Shipping Carriers such as UPS and USPS are available.

We have proudly partnered with multiple Regional Shipping Carriers throughout the Continental United States that are PACT ACT Compliant. This network of carriers covers over %75 of the US Population now, with plans for growth. Please continue to check back with us as we expand our coverage. In the instance that we are unable to ship to you, please bear with us and check back regularly as we are always trying to expand our coverage.

*If your order contains any PACT Restricted Items, you will need to complete an Age Verification Process to ensure you are of legal age (21 years old)

*Any order sent with one of our PACT ACT Compliant Regional Carriers must be sent Signature Required. Please provide a valid phone number when ordering as the carrier may need to contact you.

We unfortunately cannot ship any items to Maine, Oregon, Utah and Vermont due to laws in each jurisdiction restricting online sales of Tobacco Items. If you are in any of these states, please check your local Vaporizer Retailer for our goods!

This is why you will see higher shipping prices at checkout, as well as higher taxes depending on your state. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause, this is something that is simply out of our hands and we must adhere to all PACT Act Rules and Regulations.

Currently, we are searching for new shipping options to continue to provide all customers with products they want and love. Thank you for your continued support during this time and throughout the years. We hope to continue to serve all our patrons for many years to come.

Shipping Internationally:

Residents that live outside of the country, excluding the countries blacklisted from the US government are eligible to receive our vaporizer devices and products. Our shipping rate will give customers their price and different options at the time of purchase.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We are available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 6 pm at (888) 827-3101.

Shopping Currency:

All prices are currently listed on our website, Got Vape. All prices reflect US Dollars, please check these current rates if you are outside of the United States.

Important Information:

It is important to note that if you give us an address that differs from the billing address, this will result in a hold on your order.

If there is a hold on your placed order, then you will need to contact your credit card company and request the shipping address be added to the card as an acceptable shipping address. From there contact us and provide us with your credit card company’s contact information so we can verify the changes.